Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Count the Characters in a Text Area Example

In forms when using text boxes or text areas with limited character length (usually needed for forms that submit data to a database) it is always a good idea to tell the user how many characters they have remaining. This javascript snippet is especially useful for textarea fields since they can't be assigned a text limit in HTML but can be restricted using this code.

The following example shows how you can do this. This is a very simple and cute idea to help the user know exactly how many characters can be typed further. Do these small add-ons to your forms and they will look really professional. We recommend using this counter inside CMS solutions and custom built Admin Panels where your clients/visitors can be instructed to use all browsers like IE, Opera, FireFox, Netscape or Safari.

Java script


Maximum Number of characters for this text box is 255.

You have 255 characters remaining
for your description...

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