Saturday, August 16, 2014

Girl by the Seaside!

I love beaches for the water, breeze, sand etc. being on a beach is my way of getting closer to the nature. Beaches and my love for it are immense.Well about me I like all places alone. I would love to enter the beach late in the evening around 5 or after; so that the crowd is there but about to leave. Also it is safe at that time.

I would love to sit by the coast looking at the sunset, feeling that cold breeze over my face, listen the music. Then maybe I will go on a walk with myself,  walking by the sea and water touching my feet. That feeling of beach water on the bare feet is amazing.

I am so sure that this one evening at the beach I will be thinking all about the Past, Present and Future. It is my nature and this is one of the things I can’t change at all.

Maybe I will just keep walking by the shoreline and keep looking at the sand and the water passing through my feet. Even the feeling of being on a beach all alone by myself makes me happy…

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