Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Visual Studio 2015 Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+R Find relapse

T to access the Find/Replace in Files dialog box, choose Find and Replace on the Edit menu (or CTRL+SHIFT+F). When you choose Find All, a Find Results window opens and lists the matches for your search.

Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+R and Ctrl+Shift+P are assigned to the Record Macro and Run Macro commands if they are not used in your Visual Studio keyboard scheme. If they are used, but you want to reassign them to Visual Commander, you can manually assign them in Visual Studio keyboard options for the VCmd.RecordMacro and VCmd.RunMacro commands.
There is only one macro - recording the new macro overwrites the previous one. If you want to save the macro for future regular use, you can manually copy its code to a new command or use the explicit Save Macro as Command menu item.
You can record Find Next and Find Previous commands from the Find and Replace dialog: Find and Replace dialog in Visual Studio 2013