About me

I Started my Programming career with C++. Later got a chance to develop Windows Form applications using C#. Currently using C#, ASP.NET & ASP.NET MVC to create Information Systems, e-commerce/e-governance Portals and Data driven websites.

My interests involves Programming, Website development and Learning/Teaching subjects related to Computer Science/Information Systems. C# is the best programming language and I love working with C# and other Microsoft Technologies.

Senior/lead level software / Web developer with 9 years experience developing applications / Webs with broad set of technologies and domains.

Work that is challenging, solve real problems and deliver value .I have keen interest to make easl UI Aps, Love solving hard problems, fixing impossible bugs and learning new things.

Computing skills:
Programming experience with C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET ,JavaScript, PHP, SQL Server 2008. 2010 ,  Crystal Report,  Development experience with Web, Windows platforms. Expertise in system architecture, design and development using object oriented design principles and relational database model.

Technical Tools:
 Visual Studio, HTML/HTML5, CSS, .NET Framework, JQury, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Windows Forms, WPF, Silverlight, WCF, XML, web services in asp.net , Microsoft SQL Server, IIS.


  1. Can you help me for this question.
    How to convert numbers to Arabic words in crystal reports?

  2. Hi Syed,
    You can create a FORMULA and make function in crystal report and use the case function to convert Number in Arabic words.

    stringVar StrArb := ToText({myNumbervalue});

    StrArb := Replace (StrArb ,"0" , "٠" );
    StrArb := Replace (StrArb ,"1" ,"١" );
    StrArb := Replace (StrArb ,"2" ,"٢" );
    StrArb := Replace (StrArb ,"3" ,"٣" );
    StrArb := Replace (StrArb ,"4" ,"٤" );
    StrArb := Replace (StrArb ,"5" ,"٥" );
    StrArb := Replace (StrArb ,"6" ,"٦" );
    StrArb := Replace (StrArb ,"7" ,"٧" );
    StrArb := Replace (StrArb ,"8" ,"٨" );
    StrArb := Replace (StrArb ,"9" ,"٩" );

  3. Dear Madam,I am making a small project of c#.I need help to edit datagridview and put search text box for it.kindly inbox me at startwithgood@gmail.com so I can reply you with my project file.

  4. Dear Madam,i have have a small programme in ms access
    can u make a script to convert the english number to arabic text and i will send your fees..pls help me i need it very badly..my email add: ilyas35@yahoo.com