Monday, March 15, 2010

Baareeshon Kee Paanee Se

Chhoti Si Kahani Se

Chhotee See Kahaanee Se,
Baareeshon Kee Paanee Se
Saaree Waadee Bhar Gayee,
Naa Jaane Kyo, Dil Bhar Gayaa,
Naa Jaane Kyo, Aankh Bhar Gayee

Shaakho Pe Patte The,patton Pe Boonde Thee
Boondo Mein Paanee Thaa,paanee Mein Aansoo The

Dil Mein Geele Bhee The,pahale Mile Bhee The
Milake Paraaye The,do Humasaaye The

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