Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How to Make a 3D Tree

This 3D tree using the free template is super easy to make and doesn't take much time. Gather all the materials, including foam board and enjoy making one!


How to Make a 3D Christmas Tree

What you need

Materials you need:
1) Foam board (white)
2) Pencil
3) Template
4) X-acto knife
5) Glitter powder
6) Cutting mat
7) Ruler


Template: This is the template I made for the 3rd Christmas tree. You can print it out or make one yourself.
cutout (1)
Step-1: Place the template on the foam board and trace around the sides of it.Use x-acto knife to cut out the traced pattern.
cutout (2)
Step-2: Take any one of the trees and draw a thin strip from the bottom of it and halfway through the top. Cut out the strip neatly with an x-acto knife. Take the other tree and cut a slit on as well but this time cut it from the top side and halfway through the bottom.
cutout (3)
Step-3: Insert both cut out trees through their slits. Push both trees all the way through their slits.
cutout (5)
Step-4: Cut out 3 round pieces from the foam board.Glue the 3 round pieces together. Place the joint round pieces on a scrap paper and apply glue on top of it. Sprinkle glitter powder on the glued area. Try adding glue and glitter powder around the side of the round piece as well. Remove extra glitter and glue the tree on the glittered round piece. Done!

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