Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Shoebox School For Pretend Play

Quick & Mess-Free Crafting – 30mins or less

This is the first Duck Tape craft I’ve published on MollyMoo – makes for very quick and mess free crafting, no need for papier mache, paint or clean-up to speak of! bonus all round.
back to school crafts shoebox school 

back to school crafts shoebox school

Materials List

– Shoebox
– Duct Tape
Tools: Scissors, craft knife and ruler
There’s always plenty of shoeboxes around between now and September with back to school shoe purchases. If you don’t have any just pop into your nearest shoe shop and ask for one, they always have some ‘in the back’.
back to school crafts shoebox school
Start by cutting out your window and door openings with the craft knife and ruler.
-back to school crafts shoebox school
Then just cover the box and lid with the duck tape.
back to school crafts shoebox schoolI used silver for the roof, brown for the walls and white for the window and door trims. The only other duck tape I had was blue polka-dot and I didn’t think that would fly on the classroom walls :)
And that’s it….. the shoebox school is ready to inspire hours of imaginative play.
I just ADORE the little posters Molly drew for the classroom walls xoxox
” Look with your eyes, listen with your ears, and keep quiet”…. a cute little insight into what was going on in her class lastyear :)
back to school crafts shoebox school

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