Saturday, December 19, 2015

How to make Fairy Village with matchstick boxes

Step One: gather and tape some matchstick boxes together to create the base shapes for the houses. Cut little triangle pieces out of some light cereal box card for the roofs and tape on
For the chimney on the narrow tall house I taped together four BBQ skewers to make a square shape, taped that to the side of the house and trimmed to suit.
Step Two: covert the houses with one layer of papier-mache to bind everything together and give a nice neutral base for painting. I used some tissue-like box packing paper that I had been hoarding since Christmas.
Step Three: paint the walls and roofs and let dry. I dipped the tips of daddymoo’s hair comb into white paint and dragged across the roofs to give them a ‘lived-in’ natural look (don’t worry I thoroughly washed the comp afterwards – good as new and daddymoo didn’t need to be told :)
Step Four: with a marker draw on the windows and doors and wait for the fairies to move in :) Little welcome signs over the front doors make them feel even more welcome.

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