Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Paper glowing lamp

Looking for a last minute party decoration? Great, you've found the perfect tutorial! These paper luminaries won't cost much nor take much time and turn out great! Check out the tutorial.

Moroccan Inspired Paper Luminaries

What you need

Card-stock paper, Pencil, Styrofoam, Thumb-pin, Glue, Glass and Candle


step (1)
Cut a rectangular piece out of the card-stock. Draw a simple but lovely pattern on the middle part of the paper with a pencil. Place a styrofoam under the paper. This will make it easier to pop holes on the paper.
step (2)
Use a thumb-pin or anything with a pointy edge to pop holes along the design on the paper. Pop the holes nicely and try to keep an equal distance between the holes.
step (3)
Apply glue along the edge of the paper. Join the sides to form a cylinder. I used 2 clothes pin to hold the sides while the glue dried.
Allow the glue to dry if you’re using white glue or craft glue. You may also use hot glue.  Now, time to light up the candle.
step (4)
Place a candle in a glass and then place the paper luminary over the glass. Do not pace the luminary directly over the candle. And also keep in mind that the candle should be shorter than the glass and the glass should be shorter than the luminary. Light’em up and enjoy!

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