Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Leggy Birds

Our paper plate, papier mache, chickens are all grown up. For the Hen Craft Challenge I needed to create a hen that represented me somehow, so all decked out in stripes, polka dots and converse this is me…. as a hen!!
Working up from Miss6’s Paper Plate Chickens I decided to add ‘a bit of leg’.

First I bent and twisted some modelling wire. I then taped the wire onto the underside of the hens and built up the thigh, legs with newspaper.
I then cut little boot shaped pieces of cardboard and packed in newspaper around each foot.
When all taped up I sealed it all in with one layer of papier mache.
When dry I really enjoyed painting, stamping on the polka dots with a wine cork and the yellow circled with a toilet roll core. I used some handmade paper for the red tails and yellow beaks, and a little black sequin dot for the eyes.

I think I look well as a hen :)

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